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Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Debbie Lewis
We’ve all heard the saying, “Ignorance is Bliss”, and some can certainly vouch for that. But, when it comes to our country and what appears to be the deliberate “dumbing down” of our population, nothing can be farther from the truth. What seems to have started out as a protest about Wall Street greed has turned into a free-for-all against our country’s very founding.

There are all kinds of people out there that have joined the protest…A protest, I might add, which was basically started in the United States by a Canadian activist group, Adbuster. And it’s not just those against Wall Street greed, there are others, to be sure. One of the signs from the crowd read, “Stop Capitalism.” Another sign read, “Fight for Socialism Workers World Party Abolish Capitalism.” It seems to me these people are against the wrong thing. What they are against, as Presidential hopeful Ron Paul put it, is Corporatism, not Capitalism. Not only that, there has appeared a list of demands that seem to have Socialism “written” all over them. Add to the fact that Socialism and this country do not mix and you have a very volatile situation with this Occupy Wall Street movement! And, unfortunately, it is a movement that true freedom loving Americans should not want to support.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of Socialism is the promotion of a collective or the government to run distribution and production, where there is no private property. Socialism is viewed as kind of a transition between capitalism and communism. So, are these people saying we really ought to revert to communism?   They don’t want private property? They don’t want to be a free people? They don’t want freedom of choice?

In the film One Nation Under Siege, a kind of 101 on the take over of the United States, Jim Marrs reminds us that the Nazi Party was Germany’s National Socialist Party, and that didn’t turn out so well for them! The other thing I keep hearing from them is this desire to “restore democracy in America.” Maybe they have forgotten, or maybe they never really learned this, but this country is NOT a democracy…It’s a Constitutional Republic!

People may be scratching their heads trying to figure out why anyone would refer to our country as a Constitutional Republic when even Chief Justice John Roberts refers to it as a Representative Democracy, yet our country IS a Constitutional Republic. I’m not sure exactly when they stopped teaching this fact in school, but I do know that, at least through our public school system, they have. “But,” you may be asking, “how do we know for sure our country is a Constitutional Republic?”

After the Constitutional Convention, an incredible, albeit quick, exchange took place between Benjamin Franklin and a Mrs. Powell. James McHenry recorded the short conversation in a diary entry, where he wrote, “Outside Independence Hall when the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended, Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, ‘Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?’ With no hesitation, whatsoever, Franklin responded, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’”

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, “Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom?”

The CIA Fact Book list our government as “Constitution-based federal republic; strong democratic tradition” Thus, our country was born, and still is, a Constitutional Republic. Why is it so important, you may be asking? Well…let’s look at a few facts.

A Republic, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary is “a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law.“ In the case of our country, that “law” is the Constitution. Put simply, we elect officials who are to abide by the powers set for them by our Constitution. In a Constitutional Republic, everyone, whether a minority or majority keeps their rights, so long as everyone adheres to the law of the land and no one infringes on the rights of another.

A Democracy, according to Merriam Webster, is “government by the people; especially : rule of the majority.” It is also a government where the “supreme power is vested in the people” and people elect their officials, BUT the main difference is that in a democracy, the majority rules, thereby forcing the minority, even if the minority is 49%, to the desires of the majority.

I ask you, which would you rather have…A country where a 51% majority could force you to do something you didn’t believe was right or a country where you are FREE to do what you feel is right without worrying about what someone else thinks, because they can do what they feel is right, too?

Here’s an example. You don’t believe in the right to keep guns. I do. In our Constitutional Republic, you have the right to NOT own a gun and I have the right to own one. Before you think either can’t happen, look at Switzerland…EVERY military aged male in Switzerland is mandated to have a gun as part of their Militia. That is the law! Now…Remember the DC gun ban? No one was allowed to have a gun. Oh, and, by the way, as pointed out in the film Blood of Patriots, a film about the Bill of Rights, the murder rate in DC went UP substantially during the years of the gun ban, which kind of proves Alan Keyes notion that when law abiding citizens give up their guns, criminals still have guns! Which actually brings us to another question…What IS the purpose of gun control??? The DC gun ban proved that gun control doesn’t deter crime!

Here’s another…Your interpretation of the Bible is different from your neighbors down the street and another neighbor doesn’t believe in religion at all. In fact, you find out that there are only a few people that believe like you do. The majority decides that it will be against the law for you to teach your views…You must adhere to the beliefs of majority. Now, you’re stuck…What do you do? Think it couldn’t happen in the US of A? It already has…actually, that was before our Republic was formed and the Constitution and Bill of Rights became law. The film Blood of Patriots reminds us, that’s exactly how we got the state of Rhode Island! People were driven out of other colonies because their views and interpretations differed from those of the main stream at the time.

And another…You believe in a healthy diet and want to grow your own food. A neighbor decides that gardens don’t make the neighborhood look uniform. The majority of people decide the same thing so they pass a law that basically does away with gardens in the city. Now you can’t grow your own food. (Something similar to this is actually going on, of course, in Oak Park MI right now!)

This is why a Democracy is not a good idea, and why our Founding Fathers wanted a Constitutional Republic…people, as a whole, don’t always agree. There are a number of differing views. It doesn’t mean that one person’s view is right for everyone, though! Whenever this “dumbing down” started, it has corrupted the very fabric of the brilliance of this country! We are supposed to be a country of free thinkers with diverse ideas and opinions, and we are supposed to support each other’s free will, yet people appear to want to be controlled rather than to take charge of their own lives and make their own choices. People, at least the people in the crowd pushing Socialism, appear to want someone lording over them (although, obviously NOT the so-called 1%!).

This country is about the freedom of people to make their own decisions and do their own thing, not for the so-called “right thing” to be dictated to them! We are FREE to make our own decisions. AND, those decisions should be chosen from ALL the available, and maybe even some of the not available yet, choices…not a handful of predefined, predetermined selections that someone has pre-chosen!

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Wasteful Spending…and Buying Votes!

Debbie Lewis
Highway 65 runs through the Ozarks, and it is quite beautiful. Since Obama’s Stimulus bill passed, there has been a manmade addition. There is a sign where the road is being resurfaced that reads “Made Possible By the Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”. I have traveled that stretch of highway several times a year for several years and can tell you it needed no repair.

I currently reside in Columbia, MO, where our local government is “beautifying” the streets…adding raised grass medians where there was once painted concrete, ”improving” the crosswalks, (most of which were already bicycle and wheelchair accessible) requiring the moving of stoplights a mere few feet. Columbia is a foot traffic and bicycle-friendly town. This is going on while one of our main thoroughfares is in desperate need of repair. They “improved” that throughway about 3 years ago by scraping the surface down to the concrete, and calling it done! I am not against beautifying any city IF our country has the money to do it, BUT our country is so far in debt we may never crawl from under it! So, I ask, should we be wasting money?

My dad would argue that “beautifying the city” is stimulating the economy; after all, it is giving those people something to do, for which they get paid, so they can, in turn, purchase goods and services…so, I guess in a round about way, he is right. BUT should the stimulus money be spent in such a way? Should the “infrastructure” be repaired if it really doesn’t need it, just to “stimulate” the economy?

According to www.brillig.com, at the time of this writing, our National Public Debt is $11,730,801,000,000-plus, that reads…11 trillion, 730 billion, 801 million plus dollars! Can you even begin to comprehend this? Divide that by the TOTAL population of the United States of America and that comes to more than $38,000 PER EVERY man, woman and child! Multiply that by the number of people living in your household and you start to get an ugly picture! What is going on? Well…according to the Obama Administration, and the Bush administration too, something had to be done!

First, government officials decided that some businesses were too big to fail so our government went into the housing, insurance and banking businesses and the automotive industry by “bailing out” some of these type businesses. Our representatives gave money to the very people whose ill-conceived business and financial practices disintegrated our entire economy. Why would they do that? Anyone with ANY amount of common sense would not have considered it!

Then…with the economy in ruins, government officials decided that we needed to stimulate it, because people were not spending. Well…common sense, again, comes into play…NO ONE HAS ANY MONEY…OF COURSE THEY AREN”T SPENDING IT! The businesses receiving bail out funds, and others since, have laid off hundreds of thousands of people, who are now out of work…and suffering, but are the executives that made the bad decisions having to endure the stress and humiliation of losing their jobs? Of course not! They are still receiving mega pay and bonuses!

President Obama is a very charismatic, handsome guy. He never had my support, however, because he does not believe in We-the-People. That was made very clear when he chose to vote for several egregious pieces of legislation, including the FISA Amendment Act. Yet, others see him as the savior of this Country. According to Open Secrets, the Obama campaign raised nearly $750 million. That is a lot of money for a job with a compensation package of $569,000 (That is $2,276,000 for a 4-year term or $4,552,000 for an 8-year term.) As critical thinkers, we need to ask ourselves why it takes nearly $750 million to get a job that pays less than 1% of that.

By examining some easily researchable facts, thanks to www.OpenSecrets.org, we can actually start to paint a fascinating picture.

AT&T is THE top all-time donor to politicians. From 1989 through 2008 the employees of AT&T, have donated $43,206,447 to those folks running for government office. Does anybody wonder why Congress sold the people of the United States down the river to give AT&T and the other telecoms retroactive immunity with the passage of the FISA Amendment Act?

As we peruse more pieces of information, again, we find some other enlightening facts. Obama’s campaign for President raised over $23.2 million JUST from the Banking and Finance Industries. Of that, over 10% was donated by employees with Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorgan, UBS Ag, and Morgan Stanley. Add the Insurance and Real Estate industries and his combined haul from Finance, Insurance and Real Estate was well over $39.4 million (receiving nearly $10.4 million from the Real Estate and receive $2.27-plus million from the Insurance.) No wonder Obama voted FOR Bush’s bailout! (McCain raised over $28.9 million so don’t feel bad for him!)

Take a look at what is going on now. There is a huge debate over Health Care reform. Many want it, many don’t and others, still, are calling for Tort Reform. What’s the connection? Obama collected well over $18.6 million from several health related industries for his 2008 Election bid. Who wants the bill passed?

What about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi? Well, she faired ok, receiving around $612,000 from the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate industries. What is more telling for her, though, is her list of assets. On her 2007 Personal Financial Disclosure (the most current on Open Secrets) Ms Pelosi owns AIG and Bank of America assets valued up to $566,000. Her Real Estate assets range up to $1 million! Do you think she was going to let the bank or real estate markets crumble?

Representative Chris Dodd seems like a very likable guy …but take a look under the surface. From 2003 to 2008 Mr. Dodd, the current Chairman of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, received donations in the neighborhood of $10 million from the industries of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. In normal circles, this would amount to a conflict of interest. Not only that, he received a VIP Loan from Countrywide, the mortgage company now owned by Bank of America (who’s employees invested $119,250 in Dodd). Also Dodd’s wife works for a company linked to AIG. Considering these last two pieces of information, could they be conflicts of interest, as well?

By the way, the new buzz-phrase for the Democrats with regard to Healthcare Reform is “Not Deficit Neutral,” as in they will not pass or sign a bill that is not deficit neutral. I have now heard several say exactly that at their respective Town Hall Meetings. Unfortunately, the program will have to be paid for in some manner (the early proposal for cost on Healthcare Reform is around $1 trillion over ten years) and our country is already experiencing a huge deficit, so I’d like to know how they plan to accomplish that! And, that brings to mind the amount of money employees of the Health Professional Industry donated to the 2008 election cycle: more than $95.8 million (split nearly evenly between Democrats and Republicans)!

Add in the likes of George Soros and friends (and people like them) and the money starts to make some real sense. Soros and some of his high-profile friends have funded some interesting organizations. The Center for American Progress (a “think tank” headed by former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta) is funded in part by Soros, along with friends Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance, Herb and Marion Sandler, formerly of Golden West Financial and presently of Pro Publica (a “media newsroom” specializing in “investigative journalism of public interest.”), and Steven Bing, a Real Estate developer and film producer. Their hands are in many other pots, Sandler’s is involved with ACORN, Soros and Lewis’ with America Coming Together (a 527 Group) and MoveOn.Org and all have quite the donations to the 2008 Election Cycle. Soros, openly known to dislike George W Bush, donated both individually and through his Management Fund (by way of 527’s) $10,050,000 during the 2008 election cycle.

This tiny tip of the iceberg is beginning to paint a very wicked picture! This Constitutional Republic is moving backward, not forward…our country is becoming Socio-Fascist.   As citizens, we need to recognize it and do something about it. Do we want to be truly free or would we rather be slaves to a government that does not represent us?

First, it is more than obvious that money needs to be TOTALLY REMOVED from the political process and system. Second, we need to understand that when things are mandated, that is not freedom, that is slavery…and third, we need be responsible for our own actions. When will we put a stop to the nonsense on the Hill? When will we finally draw our line in the sand, stand up and say “No more!” When will we realize that we have to actually participate in the running of the government that represents us? Many people have done just that, with regard to Healthcare Reform, and at least our representatives have been forced to listen! If we do not step up, we will get the representation we deserve!

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Articles from 2012:  (Some STILL relevant!)

You Can’t Handle The Truth…

Debbie Lewis
Columbia, MO – September 25, 2012 – Social Media is a fascinating creature. Just today someone posted an older article by Russia Today about an Executive Order President Obama signed in July giving him control over all communications systems in the United States. Please don’t take this as support for our wayward president, but oh how soon we forget our history, as he is certainly NOT the first president to claim such broad powers.

Analysis of the offending Executive Order from July 6th of this year states that, in case of a national security emergency, the White House, via DHS, will take charge of all communications. As alarming as that is, this is not the first time this type of executive order has been signed by a US President. The controversial documentary Washington, You’re Fired, by independent filmmaker William Lewis, talks primarily about the Bush Administration, but also lists several egregious Presidential Executive Orders from our country’s past.

“These tyrannical executive orders allow for the seizing or taking control of not only the communications media, but all modes of transportation, all electrical power and gas, all food and farming resources, all airports and aircrafts, including commercial, all railways and public storage facilities,” says Lewis. “These were ALL signed by none other than President Kennedy. Maybe the most despotic of all was Executive Order 11051, which gives the Office of Emergency Planning the authority to put ALL these executive orders into effect during ‘times of increased international tension and economic financial crisis.’”

While Obama is choosing which powers he will grab, presidents before him did the same. Former President George W. Bush’s NSPD-51 comes to mind. A National and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, which sitting members of the Homeland Security Committee were not privileged to read, according to Representative Peter Defazio, the plan is reported to be an all out takeover of our country by an “Enduring Constitutional Government” in the wake of a presidentially declared national emergency. Are there guidelines for declaring this National Emergency? “Not that anyone has seen,” states Lewis.

“The presidential power grab goes on as if nothing is wrong. It didn’t start with Bush and Obama, and it surely won’t end with them. It’s amazing, too, that when our Democratic President grabs power, GOP supporters attack, and vise versa, but did you hear anyone in the GOP or Dems attacking their own candidate for doing the same thing? No, you really didn’t. They just turn a blind eye,” Lewis continues.

What can be done about this tyrannical, nearly dictatorial grab for power? “Fire all those who support this and other egregious behavior. It’s that simple. We have legislators in D.C. who have voted away so many of our freedoms, to very little fanfare, since even before the USA PATRIOT Act. Are people paying attention?” Lewis asks.

It’s not too late to make a difference. The election isn’t until November. It’s time to send our representatives in D.C. a message…loud and clear…Washington, You’re Fired!