Late Night Across America…

Hey, if you are tired of the mainstream media, join Michael J Weber and me on Thursday nights at 11 pm Central, 9 pm Pacific, as we host our new show Late Night Across America with Michael and Debbie.  We talk about all kinds of things…

Our guest for October 20, 2016 is author and CIA Whistle-blower Susan Lindauer.

Upcoming guests include Constitutional Scholar and former Libertarian candidate for President Michael Badnarick and Underground Society Movement and writer Scott Bejda.

Past guests include Activist and alternative radio host Pattie Walkinturtle, Activist and musician Luca Majno, independent researcher Jo Jo Norton, and alternative radio host Austin Thomas.

On past radio shows, we have interviewed Reality Check host Ben Swann, former Libertarian Presidential candidate and Constitutional expert Michael Badnarik, award-winning independent journalist Sandy Frost, writer, artist and rap industry reps from Underground Society Movement Prez and Siccx, Spiritual guru Jesse Nichols George, Radio personalities Dr Stan Monteith and the brilliant Erskine, depleted uranium expert Leuren Moret, Next News Network’s Gary Franchi, former FDA inspector Arthur Evangelista, activist musicians Tatiana Moroz and Paul Topete, independent researcher Mike Hall, alternative radio personalities Rob Roselli, Johnny Storm, author SK Bain, and really so many more.

If you are are looking for stuff the mainstream media will not cover, join us!