As a former 20 year Professional Picture Framer, it may seem weird to move from that to straight out politics, but hey!  What’s live without some adventure!  Re-inventing myself since my picture framing days has been, well, interesting.  I miss the good ol’ days of not knowing, or caring, what happened…thinking the government was just going to take care of all of us.

At least I THOUGHT the government was taking somewhat good care of us, until that fateful day when the planes crashed into the twin towers and they, and Building 7, fell.  Oh, I was waking up before then, but that was the icing on the cake, baby!  And what I know now of the outright corruption and subversion is enough to make one run screaming!

Now, I research, write articles and documentaries and co-host a radio show…And, yes, while it might seem stressful, the alternative would make me pull my hair out!  It’s all about the truth now…finding the truth.  And, sometimes, the truth is painful, but it’s still the truth!  And, we deserve to know!


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