Trump’s Crude Ways…What Everyone’s Missing

Posted: October 11, 2016 in Constitutional Republic, Election 2016
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Debbie Lewis
October 11, 2016

If nothing else, this election season has shown us just how low our country can sink in search for the next president. For anyone being truthful, the first debate was a disaster…for both parties. The second debate is over, and I’ve heard nothing telling about who was better or worse.

No, what seems to be making news these days is a leaked video from 2005, when Trump was doing The Apprentice. Women, and some men, are up in arms about his crude remarks concerning women. Hummm…not too proud of it, but I’ve known many men who talk like that in private, which Trump thought it was. Still, the thought that he would say such things in this day and time should bother us all, but not necessarily for the reasons you think.

You know what this election is really showing us, in no uncertain terms? Men STILL think of women as sex objects and second-class citizens. I dare you to deny it! While people are up in arms about what Trump has said, has anyone even noticed that he was MARRIED to Meliana at the time??? Not only that, they had just married at the beginning of that very year! Where is his respect for his new wife? Why is THAT not the topic of discussion? Why aren’t people, especially Conservatives, up in arms about THAT? AND, if he cannot respect the very person to which he has sworn love and loyalty, how in the world do we expect him to do ANYTHING for us!?! After all, he owes us NOTHING!

And, how are a GREAT many self-professed conservatives, most of whom claim to be Christian, supporting Trump now? In a Christian Marriage ceremony (which, granted, I have no idea if the Trump’s had), the couple is supposed to agree to love, honor and cherish each other, until death. Fooling around is off the agenda (you know, that whole adultery thing!). So why in the world are people giving Trump a pass? (I wonder how many of these people gave Kennedy, Roosevelt, Clinton? Oh yeah, not many!!!)

While the Clinton supporters are livid over Trump’s sexist remarks and trash talk, how quickly they forget what the Clintons have said, and done, to women…and children. They are filled with vitriol regarding Trump’s lewd comments, but what about their candidate (research Hillary defending a rapist against his 12 year old victim!), and her husband (Ole Billy’s extra-curricular activities are infamous)? It appears the left just flat out ignores the Clinton’s and their escapades. How bizarre?

As for what he actually said, people supporting Trump buy into all the tired excuses for what, if he truly acted on them, is considered sexual harassment…”he’s a guy,” “it’s just locker room talk,” “it’s just what guys say.” I can hear one of my old friends now, “guys are not built to be faithful.” In 2016, shouldn’t women expect more respect than that? I, for one, certainly do…

Honestly, ask yourselves, are these REALLY the best people we have in this country for President? As for the two parties getting together, just maybe there is a light at the end of the partisan tunnel, after all…while the Republicans defend what Trump said and the Democrats use it to slam him as a womanizing philanderer, maybe EVERYONE has forgotten one crucial thing…wasn’t Trump a Democrat when all that took place?  Oh, the irony!


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