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Debbie Lewis
October 25, 2016

Let’s conduct a little test, shall we?  Can you tell me when this statement was made?

“There is no such thing, at this stage of the world’s history in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.”

ANY idea?  This statement was made by American Journalist John Swinton during an acceptance speech given in the very late 1800’s at the end of his career…yes…we’ve had a corrupt media THAT long!

US elections are in two weeks.  The mainstream media is no real help.  At this point, I believe there have been more questions created by media coverage of this election than answers, and for a contest in which we actually have very little say.  You see, while we have the illusion of electing our president, we don’t actually get to do that…it’s up to the electoral college.  Is the mainstream media talking about that?  Our vote doesn’t really count, anyway.  But, let’s just make the argument that it does.  Here are a few of the questions, as I see them.

What do we know?
What do we think we know?
Do we really know anything at all?

Are we voting for principle or are we voting in huge “he said, she said” fiasco that has no real beneficial outcome for any of us?
Are we voting for one candidate simply because she is a woman?
Are we voting for one candidate because he says he’s going to do things we want?
What about the corruption of one of the candidates?
What about the assault charges against the other?

What about loyalty to party?
Should there be loyalty to party?
What have the parties done for any of us, really?

Let’s explore at least some of the questions, shall we?

We have a media that is more interested in ratings than reporting the truth.  More interested in entertaining than exposing.  And, there seems to be record bias for one candidate…and that bias is blatant.  In the past, it never seemed so blatant as it is now.  Maybe it’s always been there, but, until 2008, I can’t say as I remember the outright shunning of some candidates in favor of others.  Again, maybe it’s always been that way.  During this election, however, even the more conservative news/entertainment outlets are favoring one over the other.

Doing research for an independent filmmaker, I ran across some highly interesting facts about journalists and the media.   Here is an excerpt from the documentary, Peddling Influence:

“It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that the notion of an impartial journalist was born. According the McChesney (author Robert McChesney The Rise and Fall of Professional Journalism), the corporate funded media outlets needed a way to promote an impartial front, even though the content was controlled by the almighty advertising dollar. Media outlets desired their journalists to ‘appear neutral and unbiased.’…Elliot D. Cohen, editor of the book News Incorporated, pulls no punches and shares that because of corporate control, our populations gets ‘a homogenized, self-censored, self-serving version of reality.’”

What is not commonly known about the media is that, rather than research for itself, the media have a set of “go-to experts” just waiting to help lend credence to their brand of journalism.  The media considers government officials, high-ranking business men and women, actors and actresses, and professional athletes “official sources” for news.

How many of us trust out elected officials?  In a December 2015 Gallup Poll about honesty and ethics, the trust of people polled for members of congress was a shocking 8%.  Car Salesmen and Telemarketers are tied with Congress at the 8% trustworthiness mark.  There is only one group of people lower in trustworthiness than Congress, car salesmen and telemarketers…Lobbyists!  Lawyers, which most members of Congress are, fared a little better at 21%.  Still, that’s a far cry from a reliable source from which I’d like to get my news…yet these people shape our opinions every day, and we don’t even question that!  So, the question remains, do we really know ANYTHING?

As for the candidates from the Democrats and the GOP, what have we got?  We have a former lawyer-turned-senator and a real estate tycoon.  Do we know enough to judge their character?  They’ve both been in the spotlight for years.

Clinton has Benghazi on her side.  Her lack of concern for the safety of American Ambassadors and Embassy Officials is astonishing.  Her false comments about the cause of the attack, her lack of support during the attack and the callous way in which she dismisses her actions ought to tell us everything we need to know.  But that’s not the end of her RECENT corruption.

As Secretary of State, Clinton made use of her own private server while doing State Department business.  She claims she did not pass classified information through said server.  That proved to be false.  She claims she didn’t know it was wrong, basically ignoring proper protocol.  She failed to turn over to the government several thousand emails.  She used a Bleach program to scrub her computer.  Does that sound like the actions of someone who did no wrong?

More recently, Clinton’s cronies were caught basically rigging the Democratic selection for president by virtually shutting down Bernie Sanders using nefarious methods.  It was so corrupt that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was asked to step down.  Wikileaks has release copious amounts of evidence against Clinton.  As the stuff continued to surface, Clinton’s Campaign Chair, John Podesta said the Russians hacked important emails.  It turns out Podesta lost his phone…hence the ability for ANYONE to acquire the emails.  Not only that, the recent article says Podesta lost his phone back in JULY!  And the government was gearing up to start a cyberwar with Russia over this…why doesn’t the media call Clinton out on ANY of this?

As for Trump, there are relevant.  Yes, he is a successful business man, no doubt, BUT, his business(es) have filed for bankruptcy 4 different times…two of which were back-to-back.  He has repeatedly said he used acceptable business practices to cut his losses.  He refuses to release his tax returns.  He uses a similar argument when confronted about it, he uses  acceptable US Tax laws to pay as little tax as possible.  He made crude statements about basically assaulting women during his first year of marriage to his third wife.  Trump didn’t take his run for president seriously until the third debate, when he appears to have taken hold of the message of the Constitution and a return to our Constitutional roots.  There have been SEVERAL women step forward recently to say Trump has sexually assaulted them in some way.  While that could certainly be a political ploy by the Clinton Camp, he has lawyers at his disposal.  Why has he not sued for slander?  Why doesn’t the media bring that up?  They are quick to describe him as a serial assaulter.

Some supporters for Clinton are willing to vote for her strictly because she is a woman.  Some supporters for Trump are willing to vote for him strictly because he is not a mainstream politician.  Some voters are willing to vote for Clinton simply because they don’t like Trump.  Some voters are willing to vote for Trump simply because they don’t like Clinton.  Are those actually reasons to vote FOR a President of the United States?  Has the media even given us the real reasons we should be voting FOR a candidate?

Clinton portrays Trump as a racist womanizer.  Trump portrays Clinton  as incompetent. The media portrays Clinton as the only candidate with experience and compassion for the plight of the people, especially women and minorities.  The media portrays Trump as an inexperienced, self absorbed spoiled brat who is sexist and racist.

The media portrays Clinton voters as mostly women and mostly Blacks.  One has to wonder if these groups know of the many women and Blacks out there in support of Trump.  The mainstream media is not reporting on it.  Again, the media portrays Trump supporters as white males…same observation…do we know just how many women and Blacks are supporting him?

One has to wonder what’s up with the media.  Perhaps a little jaunt back in history will give us a clue.

”If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing?”(Emphasis mine)

The above was said by the Father of Public Relations, Edward Bernays, nephew of none other than Sigmund Freud.  Bernays realized that, if properly applied, the information being revealed about mass psychology could be used by propagandists to control the masses.  Today, the public relations industry can spin anything into something we could find appealing…and they do it every minute of every day. Nearly every time you watch, hear or read something in the media, the message has been tweaked to make it appealing to a “target” market, audience or demographic.  This works in politics as well as media.  After all, public relations, or marketing,

According to Wikipedia’s source, from the 1984 PR textbook Managing Public Relations, the accepted definition of public relations is “the practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization and the public.” The Public Relations Society of America has updated their old definition to this: “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Did you get that?  They are targeting each and every one of us in order to sway our opinion one way or the other.  At this point, the subject at hand is the presidential election and the voters are the targets.  “Marketers” or in this case campaigns and their managers, will say whatever it takes to get you to vote for their candidate…whatever it takes.  Keep that in mind as you sift through the trove of information the media hands you.  We’ve all been taught right from wrong.  Pay attention to what is being said about each candidate, but maybe more importantly, how each candidate responds to what is being said about them.  To get it right, we have to participate.  Otherwise, we are just sheep being led to the slaughter…


Debbie Lewis
October 18, 2016

Conspiracy Theorists are a very special breed.  They walk on gut instinct and faith.  These people can read between the lines, see what’s not right about a situation, and they report on it WELL before any mainstream media outlet will either figure it out, or report on it themselves.  Back around mid 2011, Sean Hannity and Dick Morris had to admit the theorists were right about the UN and global government.  One win for the theorists!

In June 2013, Glenn Greenwald dropped his bombshell about Verizon data mining.  the funny part about that is that Anderson Cooper reported this was a “highly classified, never before disclosed” program.  Cooper spoke about the “secret court” like it was a secret…well, not from the “conspiracy theorists!”  The “secret” FISA court had already been exposed in a 2008 documentary written by Keith Abel and produced by award-winning filmmaker William Lewis…Washington, You’re Fired!  Another win for the theorists!

Fast forward to present day…within the space of less than a week, two different outlets had to admit the “conspiracy theorists” were right, “all along.”  If only we could gloat!  But, what we’ve been right about isn’t worth gloating over…we just want it stopped, AND, we want the world to understand the truth.  On October 12, 2016, Sean Hannity said, on air, that “everything that conspiracy theorists have said over the years” is true, regarding Clinton.  Hannity goes on to say, “This is like, you know, Communism in the Soviet Union propaganda.”  What Hannity fails to disclose is that our own government is REALLY good at propaganda…REALLY, REALLY good…Another win for the theorists…

In another awakening, of sorts, The Free Thought Project drops one of the more important bomb shells yet…The Shadow Government!  Yes…us tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy wacko’s have been talking about the Shadow Government for YEARS and YEARS.  Yet, now, an outfit a little more “in the public eye” has put it out there for a whole new generation.  And the source?  Our very own FBI!!!

From released FBI documents centered around the Clinton investigation, The Free Thought Project reported this statement, “There was a powerful group of very high-ranking STATE officials that some referred to as ‘The 7th Floor Group’ or ‘The Shadow Government’…”  A HUGE win for the theorists!

So, next time you hear the mainstream media refer to someone as a “conspiracy theorist,” maybe you just might want to look into what the theorists are saying.  We have a MUCH better track record than the mainstream media…(which is just an arm of the government, but you didn’t hear that from me…after all, I’m just a conspiracy theorist!)



Debbie Lewis
October 14, 2016

People are up in arms about the “new” revelations regarding rigged elections.  Several videos surfaced recently showing what appears to be election workers stuffing ballot boxes.  As if that’s the only way to rig an election!  Rewind to the DNC’s manipulation of the Democratic Presidential nomination, the super delegates and what they did to Bernie Sanders (how Bernie supported Clinton after that is beyond me!).

Researching for several projects over the years, I’ve found a WHOLE lot of interesting information on vote fraud.  Computer professionals believe there is a much better way to protect our elections from vote fraud…paper ballots!

For many years, concerns about possible vote fraud have weighed on voters, even to the point of doubting the outcome of different races. Flashbacks to ACORN or the vote flipping in 2008 and the hanging chad incident in Florida in 2000 have to be right up there in our concerns.

Computer professionals have led the charge, crying out AGAINST computer voting.  Why?  Read on…

One of the many concerns with computer voting (the machine is called a Direct Recording Electronic or DRE.) is there is no verifiable paper trail.  According to an article from NBC News from 2012, another concern would be the ease in writing code to tamper with the vote count. The code could be written in such a way that almost no one could detect it.  Still another reason to fear DRE’s is that there is no real way to audit the machines.  Also, Fox news did a report in early 2008 regarding a study done at Princeton University on how easy it would be to tamper with computer voting.  Then there are calibration fears.

While this, alone, seems like a lot, there’s more.  Some machines did not count votes at all. An investigation and subsequent report issued by Florida Fair Elections Center entitled “Sarasota’s Vanished Votes” found that across the state of Florida in the November 2006 election, IVotronic Voting systems undercounted by more than 100,000 votes.

There have been other concerns, still. Voting screen problems were rampant and could be caused by the climate where the DRE’s were manufactured to the climate where they were stored.  But there’s more:

Video Cards
Video Drivers
Touch-screen Controllers
Infra-Red Boards
Memory Overload
Careless or Improper Maintenance
Programming Bug
Defective or Dead Batteries
Defective Power Sup

all play a part in voting screen issues.

But, again, there is an answer to vote fraud.  Paper ballots.  Cyber security expert and former CEO of Cybrinth, Stephen Spoonamore thinks paper ballots are a far better system for protecting against vote fraud.  As he says, the paper ballots can be verified, counted, and everybody can who wants can watch the count.  And, Spoonamore, again, a cyber security expert, considers electronic voting a National Security risk.  Why?  The ease of tampering with the machines.

So, in our quest to have transparency in voting, and a paper trail with which to verify the count, paper ballots make sense.  There are many places where you can choose to vote by paper ballot (which are still counted by computer) or computer, but shouldn’t people still be worried about whether or not the votes are accurate (after all, when you have only a 60% turn out for presidential elections, every vote should count!)?

Technology is a great thing, but when computer professionals tell us paper ballots are far more secure, shouldn’t we be listening???  Just a thought!





Debbie Lewis
October 13, 2016

Since when did we, as a nation, decide our leaders could be devoid of integrity and character? What happened to leaders who had the nature of George Washington? You know he must be rolling in his grave watching the past few elections! Back to it, what happened to integrity and character?

Integrity is defined as being honest or fair; firm adherence to a code of moral values. Can anyone say Trump or Clinton possess these traits?

Character, at least in this instance, means possessing moral excellence and firmness. Again, can anyone say Trump and Clinton possess character? (They truly are characters, but that’s not what we’re talking about!)

In researching for a documentary, I found some very interesting information on what constitutes presidential character. From the script:

“Jim Lehrer hosted a most interesting portrait of presidential nature in a mid-1990’s PBS special based on a collection of essays about former US presidents. During the special, Character Above All, James Cannon, author and former advisor on Domestic Affairs under President Gerald Ford, made the statement that presidential character consists of ethics, morality, self discipline, willpower, and, of course, the ability to act in the best interest of the country. And, Cannon says these characteristics should reign supreme without regard to the person’s chances for re-election.

Many of the authors and historians participating in that PBS special see honesty, confidence, and courage as vital characteristics of a US president. Still other distinctive qualities considered of the utmost importance are consistency, vision and practical good sense.” (The Ron Paul Uprising ©Debbie Lewis, William Lewis Films)

Another interesting piece of research for the same documentary came from Time Magazine, again from the script:

“On June 14, 1963, Time Magazine published an interesting article with regards to Presidential Character. The things Former President Dwight Eisenhower felt were of the utmost importance were:

Making decisions on positive ground, No extreme measures
Understanding why this country is so great, which includes:
“a respect for the freedom of people to work for themselves, their families, their
communities; and this with a minimum of interference from government.”
An inner calmness that helps him maneuver through crisis, which affords the ability to
make mature decisions
The where-with-all to surround himself with strong people with strong views
Experience – being wholly ready to take on the task if the Presidency
A principled leader” (The Ron Paul Uprising ©Debbie Lewis, William Lewis Films)

I ask again, do either Trump or Clinton possess these characteristics? They do not. The fact that an entire nation of people are satisfied with these two as leaders should make us physically ill, but people have resigned to vote for one or the other, without regard to their lack of moral fiber. What has happened to the people if this nation? Why have we, as a whole, decided we are worthy of less than an excellent leader?

Here’s just a bit more about the true characteristics we SHOULD be looking for in a president, again, from the script:

“As for presidential character, however, there is one source many overlook…other clues about appropriate presidential characteristics can be found in the Constitutionally mandated Oath of Office:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, one must first understand it. First and foremost, our government derives its power from the people. So, the ideals that should be brought to the office should be those of the people, NOT the person running for President…Not the political party to which the person belongs…but the actual population of the United States, regardless of party affiliation.” (The Ron Paul Uprising ©Debbie Lewis, William Lewis Films)

You have to wonder if either candidate understands what the role of president actually entails. These days, the election of a president has become a popularity contest rather than a true seeking of actual ability. Elections have also become about voting against someone rather than for them. The fighting against candidates in this election is vicious! What’s more, this particular election has also become a circus. While Americans should be absolutely embarrassed by the despicable selection of candidates, they are embracing the lesser of the two evils like never before.

I consider this a dereliction of duty as a citizen of the United States. Never the less, this election is less than a month away, and my best consideration right now is to not vote. Not because I don’t want to or because I’m lazy, but because I cannot support either candidate, or the only other viable candidate in the race at this time. If I decide to go down that road, my no-vote will be an actual vote of no confidence in this abomination of an election. Say what you will, but my conscience will not allow me to vote for anyone lacking true integrity and presidential character…I’ll not do that ever again…my country is worth more than that…my VOTE is worth more than that!

Debbie Lewis
October 11, 2016

If nothing else, this election season has shown us just how low our country can sink in search for the next president. For anyone being truthful, the first debate was a disaster…for both parties. The second debate is over, and I’ve heard nothing telling about who was better or worse.

No, what seems to be making news these days is a leaked video from 2005, when Trump was doing The Apprentice. Women, and some men, are up in arms about his crude remarks concerning women. Hummm…not too proud of it, but I’ve known many men who talk like that in private, which Trump thought it was. Still, the thought that he would say such things in this day and time should bother us all, but not necessarily for the reasons you think.

You know what this election is really showing us, in no uncertain terms? Men STILL think of women as sex objects and second-class citizens. I dare you to deny it! While people are up in arms about what Trump has said, has anyone even noticed that he was MARRIED to Meliana at the time??? Not only that, they had just married at the beginning of that very year! Where is his respect for his new wife? Why is THAT not the topic of discussion? Why aren’t people, especially Conservatives, up in arms about THAT? AND, if he cannot respect the very person to which he has sworn love and loyalty, how in the world do we expect him to do ANYTHING for us!?! After all, he owes us NOTHING!

And, how are a GREAT many self-professed conservatives, most of whom claim to be Christian, supporting Trump now? In a Christian Marriage ceremony (which, granted, I have no idea if the Trump’s had), the couple is supposed to agree to love, honor and cherish each other, until death. Fooling around is off the agenda (you know, that whole adultery thing!). So why in the world are people giving Trump a pass? (I wonder how many of these people gave Kennedy, Roosevelt, Clinton? Oh yeah, not many!!!)

While the Clinton supporters are livid over Trump’s sexist remarks and trash talk, how quickly they forget what the Clintons have said, and done, to women…and children. They are filled with vitriol regarding Trump’s lewd comments, but what about their candidate (research Hillary defending a rapist against his 12 year old victim!), and her husband (Ole Billy’s extra-curricular activities are infamous)? It appears the left just flat out ignores the Clinton’s and their escapades. How bizarre?

As for what he actually said, people supporting Trump buy into all the tired excuses for what, if he truly acted on them, is considered sexual harassment…”he’s a guy,” “it’s just locker room talk,” “it’s just what guys say.” I can hear one of my old friends now, “guys are not built to be faithful.” In 2016, shouldn’t women expect more respect than that? I, for one, certainly do…

Honestly, ask yourselves, are these REALLY the best people we have in this country for President? As for the two parties getting together, just maybe there is a light at the end of the partisan tunnel, after all…while the Republicans defend what Trump said and the Democrats use it to slam him as a womanizing philanderer, maybe EVERYONE has forgotten one crucial thing…wasn’t Trump a Democrat when all that took place?  Oh, the irony!