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Debbie Lewis

Columbia, MO – June 7, 2013 – So, you label me a “conspiracy theorist” and make fun of what I say, calling me other names, too, like wacko, nut job, tin-foil-hat wearing idiot.  Can you hear me now…do you believe me now?  Glenn Greenwald’s breaking bombshell Wednesday exposing the NSA on-going collection of “information on all telephone calls” in Verizon’s vast network should be your wake-up call.  Greenwald divulged that the massive data collection effort started on April 25 and ends July 19.  And, while Greenwald says he doesn’t know if Verizon is the only telecom under the NSA’s spell, a flip back in time will tell us that they probably aren’t!

Way back when I had my battle with AT&T over the giant telecom’s sincere lack of integrity and Congress passed the treacherous FISA Amendment Act, all I could think was, “What they’ve done is now totally in the open.  They will never stop.”  And I was right!  Scores of people tried to warn our country that the government was “listening in” or “gathering the communications” of US citizens, but media and government apologists promptly accused everyone involved in the warning as “kooks” and “conspiracy theorists,” in their efforts to discredit the lot of us.  Well…how do you like us now?  We’ve been telling you the truth all along and you’ve been writing us off…

And, now, the media is STILL in denial, as Anderson Cooper reports about the program AND the fact that government is sucking up your social media info, as well, saying it’s a “highly classified, never before disclosed” program…BULL!  We so-called “conspiracy theorists” have BEEN disclosing it for a LONG TIME!  The ones “never before disclosing” it are people like Anderson Cooper!

Also, they keep talking about the “secret court” like it’s still a secret.  We exposed that egregious entity in Washington, You’re Fired way back in 2008!  AND, for those at home, that film exposes the tyrannical USA PATRIOT Act and SEVERAL pieces of Bush-era right-stripping legislation that were handed over to the Obama Administration.

I have a few things on my mind right now.

First, does Verizon still have customers?  I can guarantee if I were one, I would not be for long…’cause this is EXACTLY why I left AT&T!

Second, the Democrats can have NOTHING bad to say about the Bush Administration.  In fact, they should be thanking him.  And, the Republicans absolutely CANNOT trounce all over the Obama Administration.  Why?  Because the Bush Administration is the one that handed over all this spy power.  Congratulations those who were tired of the Bush Administration…You voted for Obama and got WAY more Bush then you EVER dreamed possible from someone other than a Bush!  Let’s see how you work your way out of this one!

Third, you have also demonized us for being “truthers,” but we have been telling the truth, so how does that one work now?

Fourth, Jim Acosta is saying that people are really angry over their phone records being turned over…REALLY!?!  Where were you people back in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008?  Why was it okay then but not now!?!  Plus, I have a personal bone to pick with Acosta.  Back in late 2009, CNN and Jim Acosta aired a virtual hit piece on the “Patriot Movement” and our concerns over our government building of detention centers.  Acosta went on national television, with a straight face, claiming there was no proof our government was doing any such thing.  If he bothered to look into the truth, he would know he was wrong.  That’s okay, though, because I straightened him out by exposing what he refused to in a little article of my own, PLUS, we exposed the FEMA camps for them, since they wouldn’t do it.  Man, I am tired of doing their job for them and not getting paid for it!!!

Last, but not least, I need SOMEONE to explain to me just what I will be called now, because “conspiracy theorist,” as described by the media, government and their lackeys, just does not fit…so PLEASE, someone, probably at CNN or another mainstream media outlet, enlighten me…I need to know who I am!

End Notes:

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