Whatcha gonna do about it???

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Constitutional Republic, Freedom, We-the-People
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We live in a country that had an opportunity…probably the biggest opportunity in the world, and we blew it.  Oh, not right at first and not all at once to be sure, but we blew it all the same.

This country, while not perfect in its founding, had some sound principle going for it.  A population protected and free from government tyranny.  A nation of people willing to work to make their way and free to worship in whatever way they felt suited them.  Build your home, work your land, provide for your family and be happy in your job well done.  Again, I am not saying there were no mistakes, but since, we have tried to correct at least some of the founding mis-steps.

Yet, somewhere along the road while basking on our new-found freedom, we became complacent, lackadaisical, just plain inattentive…and then it happened.  People we elected to represent us decided they knew better than we what was good for us.  They decided to mince words and claim they didn’t know what the founding fathers meant by the Articles of Power in our Constitution.  And, they started usurping our liberties…just a few here and there, every now and again…but that was in the beginning…Today, they are blatant about it.  In fact, they aren’t even trying to hide it!

We have food police telling us what we can and can’t eat; raiding, at gun point, private buying clubs who specialize in raw foods, including milk.  Farm police telling us we can’t grow a garden in our own yards; telling us what type of livestock we can and cannot raise.  Health police telling us we must take certain vaccines or telling us our children must have certain vaccines and treatments.  We have a war on drugs while the FDA approves drugs that are harmful to our health.  We have government agencies taking liberties with our freedoms which where never meant to be…while a large potion of our population sits back and does absolutely nothing to stop it.  And why should they?  After all, they aren’t trying to grow a garden in their yard, so it doesn’t affect them…they don’t want to drink raw milk, so it doesn’t affect them…they believe in vaccinating their children, so they are complying, and think you should, too…In fact, if the government tells them to do it, they think it is for their own best interest…

It’s time for your history lesson!  We live in a Constitutional Republic, and there’s a reason for that.  In our particular form of government, your right NOT to have to drink raw milk is protected…but so is my right to drink it.  Your right to seek a doctor’s advice is always your right, but so is my right to self medicate.  Your right not to own a gun is your choice, but my right to keep and bear arms is mine.  Your right to send your children to public school is there, but so is my right to take responsibility for my own children’s education.  And, as long as I don’t force my opinion on you, or vise versa, as long as I respect your right to do as you please and you respect mine, we can do whatever the heck we want to do!

We may not see eye to eye on anything, but you know what?  That’s alright, because we have the right to hold differing opinions, and it really isn’t anyone else’s business!  BUT, if we don’t stand up for our rights, we are going to lose them.   And if we don’t stand up for the rights of our neighbors, whether we agree with them or not, at some point, the shoe will be on the other foot, and it will be your rights hanging in the balance…then what!

We have an obligation in this country to carry on the mission of our forefathers…protect the rights of everyone to be free…and either we are willing to do that, or we can kiss our freedoms goodbye!  It’s pretty simple…We can’t wait for someone else to do what we should have been doing all along.  We have to be willing to jump in there and protect our rights ourselves…

We can do something about it, but it’s gonna take work.  We are going to have to get involved if we plan on keeping our freedom.  Protecting our freedom is not a spectator sport!  Yes, we are going to have to participate.  Get to know your representation.  Talk to them regularly.  Let them know what you expect.  But, also, let them know if they don’t deliver, you have NO qualms about replacing them.  They need to be reminded from time to time who id really in charge…We-the-People!  It’s up to you, though…So, what’s it gonna be?


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